Where your Faith at???

Everyone has faith when the sun is shining and the ship is safe at the dock. But show your faith when it’s rainy & cold and you alone out at sea. Untested faith is nothing until it’s tested for authenticity. (Cause anyone can scream with a pocketfull, closetfull, or a cupboardfull.)
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The Best Worst President Ever


People now, more than ever are throwing shade at our president. NEVER in the history of America has a president and the first lady been so disrespected as much as Mr. & Mrs. Obama. Now we may not all agree with  the decisions he makes, (like most presidents) but let’s remember, a great deal of those decisions he cannot make on his own. Let’s not forget, he does have a “team”. He isn’t solely to blame for the condition of America. Remember the guy who was in office before him for 8 years? He DESTROYED the landscape and the already shaky reputation of this nation. President Obama told us in so many words that this mess he’s walking into will take longer than one term and possibly more than two terms to clean up, so why isn’t that ever taken into consideration or mentioned? All presidents will have their flaws and faults as leaders, they’re human. But put yourself in the shoes as the “leader of the free world” and let’s see all the mistakes you make and how you respond and adapt to pressure, disagreeing party members, the state of the country AND trying to hold your marriage together. Let’s see how easy it is for you.

We often forget that man can and will make mistakes. That being the first ANYTHING in this country, will come with ridicule and celebration. Let’s not pretend either that his skin color sits well with a large portion of white America. An African-American man leader of the free world, how dare they vote him in. Let’s make racist & derogatory pictures, articles, remarks, and jokes about Mr. Obama. Besides, he doesn’t belong in that position, he’s a “colored boy” with a wife from probably the most dangerous city in America. Yes he is black and I like that. It gives my son hope that he can be something other than an entertainer or a sports player. He is intelligent, well spoken, and our leader. As much as I disliked former president Bush, I respect him because he was our leader for a period of time, but on the other side of the coin, he is still just man appointed by the people. Our hope and faith should fully be in our creator, not his creation, to fix what’s wrong with this country. Do I think Obama is the worst President ever, heavens no but that’s my opinion and you are free to agree or disagree. But can we PLEASE start showing him the proper RESPECT he is owed like we showed to the gentleman before him, and the men before him? Not to much to ask is it?

Prayin’ For You

This song and video is what introduced me to this artist known as Lecrae. I was watching BET on a Sunday morning (when I should have had my butt in church) in 2009 and this joint came on. I wasn’t too keen on Christian rappers because honestly, most of the production was wack and the music in general was straight trash in my opinion. But after I listened to this track by this gentleman, I was moved. He spoke with such honesty and transparency I could relate to and on top of that, HE WAS A MAN OF GOD. Since then, I have opened my ears to many other Christian rappers as well. Bizzle, Lecrae, No Malice and a host of others have upped the ante for emcees representing and spitting for Christ. Solid music.

Trouble don’t last Always…..

“I’m so glad, trouble don’t last always”. I grew up in an African American Baptist church and would hear this hymn sung quite often. Not just in the house of God, but in MY house. I suppose that’s from living with my grandmother, who had such a strong relationship with Christ. Little did I know that as an adult man, I would encounter many of life’s trials & troubles and would find myself singing this hymn to myself many a day. 

You are NOT defined by your circumstance, remember it’s only temporary. If you can see it, it won’t last forever. It too will pass away. You are a child of the most high king Jesus Christ. (If you’re not change that after you finish reading this post) Speak what you want into existence. Claim your victory. I know it may get hard, but walk tall, square your shoulders and walk in the goodness and greatness of our lord Christ Jesus.

Standing Firm when The Storm Comes

One of my favorite stories in scripture is the story of Job. If you are not familiar with his story, I suggest you take time and read it thoroughly. We can learn so many lessons from his story. I personally can relate to Jobs story very, very well. Many people close to me have never witnessed me going through any hardships as an adult. I mean sure, I’ve had a few problems here and there, but recently, I’ve been going through it like never before in my life. Now I’m not the smartest dude walking, nor have I ever been the sharpest pencil in the box. But as my grandmother once told me when she was alive, “If you live long enough, in THIS LIFE you’re going to go through some stuff”. As a young child I didn’t fully understand that statement, but as I got older and grew closer to Christ, I understood what she was saying. Job was a righteous and upstanding man of God, so why did God allow him to go through so much hardship? Job had EVERYTHING, and then had it ALL taken. But one thing I admired about Job was his attitude toward the situation, “God giveth and God taketh away”. He understood that whatever we have in this life is not permanent and whatever we have is a “loan” from our father in heaven. He needs no reason to bless us, nor does he need a reason to take everything away from us. He is who he is and can do whatever he pleases. It may not be the case that we’ve done anything to deserve such hardships, but many times God wants us to draw closer to him. I always say that storms are to correct and perfect a person closer to the image of our heavenly father. No matter what happens to us in our life, we must have an attitude of gratitude and ask God to give us the strength to weather the storm. It’s always a reason for it, and just like Job, God will reward us for our faithfulness. He blessed Job with much more than he ever had in life. After he was put to the test, Job had a better understanding and relationship with God. So if anyone else is currently in a storm/having his or her faith tested, just hold on and keep your faith in Christ. If he said he will never leave you nor forsake you, we should hold onto his promises. Remember, not some things, or a few things, but ALL things work together…We may not know, because God’s wisdom and intelligence by far surpasses our humanly mind, but trust in him. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.